Who am I again? I’m having one of those times when no matter how many hours you work in the day, you still have a HUGE list of IMPORTANT THINGS to get through. The only thing that makes this NOT TERRIBLE is that in general, they are GOOD THINGS.

Thing 1) The short now has a Director – hurrah! I’ve just had some Director’s Notes (these are IMPORTANT and a bit exciting), and I am feeling a little like a hyperactive child about the ideas in them. Probably shooting in July but having a meeting next week to work out what happens next. Some cast discussions have been had and they quite frankly, make me want to scream with excitement, but I don’t want to JINX THEM.

Thing 2) Have ended up writing another short for a Producer at short notice, but have toughed out a first draft script which is getting perused by the Production Board this weekend. Hopefully it will be greenlit in principle, and then I can take my time over some redrafts. I like it. It’s a different sort of film than Thing 1, and that makes me want it to happen ALL THE MORE. It’s not been easy with the quick turnaround but fingers crossed

Thing 3) I wrote a novel a while back, but did NOTHING with it. I’ve been gradually rewriting bits of it over the past few years, and then recently the opportunity came about for the first 3 chapters and synopsis to be read by an established novelist. Have just sent them in. Feel QUEASY.

Thing 4) As part of my course, next week I have to do an hour-long oral presentation on a film that inspires me. The first 2 presentations took place earlier this week, and they were GOOD. They were also FILMED on a BIG CAMERA with a proper MICROPHONE. That’s terrifying – I hate getting my picture taken at the best of times nevermind being filmed MOVING. Feeling REALLY QUEASY now. Need to get this all typed up, and my clips sorted.

Thing 5) Have to draw up a shortlist of mentors. This is good, exciting and potentially very helpful to me, but what makes a good mentor? What if I pick the WRONG ONE? What if I pick the one who is a great writer BUT ONLY WANTS TO TALK ABOUT GOLF when we’re having a meeting? What if I pick the talented but psycho one with the TOO LONG FINGERNAILS? I suspect I am THINKING ABOUT THIS TOO MUCH.


2 thoughts on “Things

  1. Eek no – I played with a schedule and budget last week and it was SCARY. I have a Producer and Director on board, and should hear by next week if funding has been greenlit… fingers crossed!


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