Are We There Yet?

My brave friend, Fiona (along with fellow trainees Margherita and Colette) is currently training to Hike and Bike the Great Glen Way from Fort William to Drumnadrochit (22 mile Hike and 30 mile Bike) on 2nd May 2009 – are they mad? Quite possibly.

It’s been tough – they’ve had to contend with broken gears, random quality pastries for energy, loose chains, and all manner of fiascos, but they’re persevering…. mainly because the ride is for the Maggie’s Centres charity which helps people adjust to living with cancer. Its pioneering support programme has been developed for patients, their carers, family and friends. Each centre is located close to an NHS hospital and they have been designed carefully and imaginatively to make sure people feel at home. It’s a truly worthwhile charity that makes dealing with cancer a tiny bit more bearable, and sometimes that’s all you need, just a tiny bit of something that isn’t hell.

If you’d like to follow their progress (and the pastries) you can read Margherita’s training blog here and if you’d like to support their sterling efforts, and help Maggies Centre then you can donate here, remember it doesn’t have to be much – anything helps – really.

On an entirely unrelated note, although perhaps there is a tenuous link… as they’re doing a LOT of exercise perhaps their KNEES will be aching…. Genuphobia is the fear of knees – KNEES! Staurophobia is the fear of crucifixes, Pteronophobia is the fear of fabric, and Philematophobia is the fear of kissing. Found these and many other amazing phobias whilst doing research – the mind boggles – how exactly do you avoid fabric and/or knees in your every day life? FABRIC-COVERED KNEES must be BEYOND THE PALE!


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