I’m a screenwriter and writer of other things, currently based in Scotland. I like big sunglasses, tea and the sea (and lots of other things that don’t conveniently rhyme).

In writing terms, I’m interested in interesting people – and in exploring the things that drive us as human beings, through multi-faceted (often) female characters who don’t necessarily define themselves by their relationship status or social standing. Other people though…. other characters…. well we all know how complicated it can get negotiating other people’s expectations!

I write in all kinds of media including radio, film, TV, theatre, digital new media and prose, and am fascinated by how we tell stories, and the new ways we can do this – including agile projects that can increase audience reach, and expand artistic possibilities.

Having made a number of award-winning shorts, I’m in the process of developing a feature-length agile project, and a couple of features.

My early background was in art and design. I gained a degree in Design from Edinburgh College Of Art, where I specialised in jewellery and silversmithing inspired by the written word – this artistic and visual sensibility informs my writing today.

While working in the applied arts and as a music journalist, I found my interest in the written word growing. I became a published journalist, writing reviews, and arts & music content for such publications as The Scotsman and music press; covering events as diverse as Nirvana, kd lang, and the Edinburgh Festival.

I progressed to writing short stories and then scripts which led me to study screenwriting and film at the Screen Academy Scotland, where I participated in various industry Labs. This helped expand my knowledge and skills-base. I made my first short film there and graduated with an MFA (Distinction) in Advanced Film Practice, awarded the Santander Prize for Creative and Media Excellence.

My work has been recognised by BAFTA Scotland New Talent, I was one of the 3 winners of the BAFTA Rocliffe New Writing Forum, awarded a Playwrights Studio Scotland Screenwriting Residency where I was mentored by Binger Film Lab’s Marten Rabarts, and have been a part of other prestigious development opportunities such as Edinburgh International Film Festival Talent Lab, Network (with EIFF), and the Avalon Theatre Mentorship.

I’ve been commissioned to work on short and feature projects, a BAFTA-winning TV series, the world’s first online and smartphone serial drama, and have produced content and creative words for various projects and platforms.

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