Have you ever started writing something and you’re entirely unclear where you’re going with it but SOMETHING is driving you forward (and I don’t mean gin or chocolate)? AND that something just feels like it would need Superman and a train to stop it? I’m going to pretend that it is Superman ON a train, though I actually think it is INSPIRATION. Funny though, how can it be inspiration when no matter how you try, you can’t figure out what you’re writing or what it is you’re trying to say but you know it’s SOMETHING so you just keep on going. Inspiration can be a sneaky little blighter.

Maybe what I’m writing is a bunch of rubbish but inspiration drives me forward regardless – and it’s not unpleasant – so I keep on going. I’m writing about love and desire even though I’ve just been to Tescos, and popped along to my Gran’s because her carbon monoxide alarm was going off cos the battery was going dead, and put the washing on, and wiped bird-crap off my car, and hung out said washing which is now being hailed on from the great sky above, and will shortly be cleaning out the bin – none of these things make me feel lovely or desirous AT ALL, but still, something drives my brain and fingers forward, and out creeps words and stuff on that very theme.

What’s driving your writing brain forward these days?


4 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. If you’re going along on Sat, remind me to tell you the funny story I have about my gran and her smoke detector.But back to the other bit of your post, I’m not sure what’s driving my current scribblings. Wanted to do a biographical drama a while ago, and then one afternoon there was a knock in my head, so I opened the metaphorical door and had this idea for the bio which really had been staring me in the face for an unthinkable number of years. So basically what’s driving me, I think, is a desire to tell this story which hasn’t been told before, and the fact that it’s a drama market that seems to be increasingly popular with BBC3. Plus the usual I want to do something I love instead of a routine job.Blimey I ain’t half rambling tonight.


  2. Hi MJ!“What’s driving your writing brain forward these days?”A love of writing, a yearning to tell my yarns, and…oh…redundancy from day job.


  3. Not too sure, perhaps the fact I CANT do anything right now other than write. This winter is brutal! other than that i always notice little bits of my recent activities cropping up through my writings.Charles


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