Edinburgh Interactive Festival 2007

Just got an email regarding the first roster of sessions at the 2007 Edinburgh Interactive Festival (12-14 August). Looks interesting AND intriguing, but of course I’m not going to actually SAY that I’m going – in case I jinx another event…. but I MIGHT go…. just MIGHT, mind….

It aims to ‘expand the creative culture of games’ and keynote sessions include Yves Guillemot – President, Ubisoft; Simon Nelsen – Controller of Multiplatform and Portfolio, BBC; and Sony Computer Entertainment – Little Big Planet.

Sessions include The Art of Performance Capture with Actor Stephen Berkhoff and agent Seamus Blackley, and Developing for Second life with Linden Labs’ Jim Purbec.

Of particular interest to me so far are the Second Life talks, the Berkhoff discussion about digital acting and, “Games Actually’ : Exploring the role of women in games – both as players and as key movers and shakers in today’s industry. Female players make up an increasingly powerful demographic in the gaming market – and the session will investigate, amongst other things, ways that games publishers are pulling out all the stops to attract them. The panel will include Sevkel Gozolan.”

Students can register for a cheaper rate, and if you’re at all interested in the Interactive world, it looks a bit of a must-see.


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