Over the last few days :

1) Received extensive handouts from Adrian Mead seminar – brilliant and useful;

2) Got my mark back for the 10min Short module – woohoo another module passed;

3) Entered the Kaos BSSC competition;

4) Started writing my goals, and then breaking them down into achievable steps;

5) Went into Uni for a workshop morning with the hardy part-timers;

6) Took my niece to ballet : I used to think late-night public transport had lots of weird, loud people, noises and smells on it but that’s nothing compared to a class full of utterly random under-5s dressed as fantasy fairies being told to pretend to be seeds. Some, it has to be said, a wee bit reluctantly but I’m glad to say I didn’t witness any outlandish showbiz mothers. I wasn’t sure my niece was totally into it, but she did say afterwards that she liked the ‘jumping’ and it was ‘a nice ballet’, so pretty positive.


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