26 Children’s Winters at the Museum of Childhood

26MLIn the last few months,  I’ve been working on creating my first ever Sestude – a creative written response that is just 62 words long for ’26’ a not-for-profit group who love words, and who are unafraid to bring together writers and creatives who use words in all manner of ways: copywriters and poets, screenwriters and novelists, journalists and technical writers.

I was selected for the 26 Childrens Winters project which will culminate in an exhibition at the Museum of Childhood in Edinburgh (starting in October). I excitedly waited to see which item from the Museum’s collection I’d be given for inspiration, then it was up to me to create my 62 word response. I was initially less moved by my object that I’d expected, but as I researched it and studied it, trying to stay openminded, I started to see how much of a link to history it was and suddenly I had an unruly but undeniably present sestude. It’s a great discipline having the restriction of 62 words – every single word matters, and now that I’ve redrafted and resubmitted my final draft, I’m pleased with the result. The sestude, my inspirational object and all the others will be here:

Museum of Childhood, 42 High Street, Royal Mile, Edinburgh, EH1 1TG from 9 October, 2015 @ 8:00 am – 17 March, 2016 @ 5:00 pm (exact dates to be confirmed).

We’ll also be hosted at Edinburgh City of Literature’s Salon to chat about the project in November, and the exhibition’s online advent calendar goes live (for 26 days) on 1st December.