It’s good to share

Facebook. Blogging. Social media. I’m guilty, and conflicted. Where does the genuine desire to share end, and ‘showing off’ begin? Where does the joy of revealing an experience end, and neediness begin?

You remember the old days… you’d go and do something or see something interesting and you’d take a photograph to remember it or share it with friends and family. Not so much now. Instead, we shove ourselves in the frame and adopt the cutest pose we can to look the most acceptable we can to show off that we are at that amazing ‘there’/doing something cool/talking to people we hope you’re envious of/wearing something aspirational that you can’t have or ever hope to have or wish you had. But we obscure the very experience we’re trying to share by shoving our mugs into frame. Until eventually the wonderful something fades away, and we’re left with just ourselves staring back at us, trying hard, hoping you don’t notice.


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