Another bite at the cherry

Currently in the midst of transforming a 14-page treatment into a full feature script. I had originally hoped I could reuse and incorporate material from the previous much looser draft, but the work has changed so much it’s not proving possible. A tinge of disappointment at first was tempered by the joy I felt when I realised the script really had moved on massively during its development process. Pleased about that. I’m aiming to deliver this draft before the end of July, then it’s on with some script editing I’ve been offered, and a brand new spec I’ve been wanting to write for over 3 years now. What with other distractions and work and life, I’ve not been able to get into it, but August will be the time.

On a non-film note, I’ve been discovering the joys of having a pretty good camera on my phone. I’m terrible at remembering to take my camera out with me, and have kicked myself numerous times at missing interesting photo-opps. But then I discovered accidentally that my phone camera is pretty damn good which was unexpected as the previous one took photographs like a drunken sailor through sandpaper. I really like people but I don’t take photos of them much as I’m usually too involved communicating with them. Objects however…. things you find on a walk… interesting feathers and wild cherries…. SNAP. And they prove inspirational too. I’ve started writing a short called The Week Of Interesting Feathers, inspired by those very things.


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