One Of The Edinburgh Nine

Tuesday night at the Edinburgh International Film Festival finally saw the special event, ‘The Nine’ which I’ve been involved in – multi-media presentations of excerpts of the 9 new features that have been developed over the course of the Playwrights Studio Scotland screenwriting residency, previously mentioned on this blog. I’m glad to say it went brilliantly and was totally sold out – there was even a queue for any cancellations. Each of the writers had the opportunity to work with a director and actors, and could also utilise stills, film and audio to best present an excerpt from their feature. I chose a section of my script (restaged a little for the theatre setting) to represent the tone of my feature and give a sense of the characters and world – it’s a romantic comedy set in the world of baking. I also decided against a film or audio, but had a still image to again, give a flavour of the film. I spent an afternoon taking photographs of everything from cake cases to spatulas and wooden spoons but settled on the hearts. It was a joy to see the live reading, and I was nervous but then totally delighted to see that there were plenty of belly laughs from the audience at all the salient points. In fact there was more hilarity than I dared hope, particularly at the slightly rude points. 
Now to finish the final draft on the residency and have an exit session with my mentor – then hopefully the rude cakes will be off into the world. The script has garnered some interest and I feel like the residency has really taken it forward so I shall be very happy and proud to send it out.
The EIFF 2012 has been a great experience – the culmination of a complicated few months for me which has ended in fun, friends and films. If I get a chance, I’ll blog about my general EIFF experience, but for now it’s time to start getting back to normal, with a few interesting things on the horizon.

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