The Kid In The Front Row Film Questionnaire

Fascinating questionnaire from Kid In The Front Row:

1. What film has been sitting on your shelf for six months waiting to be watched? La Vie En Rose

2. What is the one film you know word for word? There are 2 – Black Narcissus and Some Like It Hot

3. What screen character breaks your heart? Winston Smith in 1984 – I love Orwell but the hopelessness is so bleak is breaks my heart every time.

4. If you could bring an actor back from the dead, and had to pair them on screen with a current actor (who is no older than 40), what would your combo be? Gregory Peck with Audrey Tatou, ooh or James Dean with Saoirse Ronan.

5. How often do you check your phone in the cinema? Never – although I check it about 3 times to make sure it’s NOT on.

6. What film do you love which no-one else quite seems to ‘get’? Black Narcissus – most get sidetracked or put off by the ‘nun thing’.

7. What is your favourite Al Pacino film? Scarface

8. Why do they always manage to make us go one size bigger with the popcorn? They don’t, well least not with me – popcorn distracts but I don’t mind you eating it as long as you’re not too noisy

9. Share one memory from a cinema visit long ago. I saw all the Herbie films as a little kid in red velvet seats in a rural cinema in the East of Scotland. It had a curving marble staircase, and at the time was the most glamorous place I’d ever been. They served square yellow blocks of creamy ice-cream at the interval – you had to manually jam them into a cone. They knocked the cinema down before I was a teen, and built flats on it.

10. Have you ever used a line from a movie, in your life, without anyone knowing you stole it? Give details. I don’t think I ever got away with it but I tried the line from Now, Voyager, “don’t let’s ask for the moon. We have the stars”. It was meant to be cheesy.


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