Persona – the most fun you can have in the palm of your hand

So finally I can talk about the ‘unexpected opportunity’ mentioned in the last-blog-but-one. It wasn’t a deliberate tease, promise – just decided not to count my chickens until they’d hatched, so to speak. Anyway, I’m pleased to confirm that I’m one of the writers on season 3 of Persona from the rather forward-thinking company App Media – I’ve scripted 16 app-isodes. Now I hear you cry – what on earth is Persona? Well, I helpfully answer, Persona is the world’s first ever drama series for the smartphone. Here’s the science (official) bit:

“Lives, loves, laughs and longings are delivered directly to your phone in daily, byte-sized ‘appisodes’. Secrets are unravelled, lies exposed, hopes crushed and true love … ? Well, you’ll have to wait and see! Follow four very different people as they embark on a series of extraordinary life-adventures in a brand new continuing drama series designed specifically for the 21st Century. Persona – a big drama in the palm of your hand.”

More info if you so desire it at App Media’s website.

You can watch the trailer here.

And catch up on the edited version of what Persona’s characters are up to here.

Facebook: Persona and App Media.

Twitter: App Media and Persona.

Persona was also recently reviewed on the UK Scriptwriters podcast. I recommend you listen to the whole podcast as Danny and Tim discuss interesting and amusing things, but if you’re pushed, they start reviewing Persona around 22mins in.

It was a challenge, but a satisfying one, and I’m proud of my final 16 app-isodes. I’m enjoying watching Season 1 (and it, as well as Season 2, features a whole host of writers including my good friend, Ronnie Mackintosh), and casting for Season 3 is already underway.

All credit to App Media, Phill Barron and the team for the opportunity.


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