Above is sunny location 4 from the film shoot in Edinburgh.

Thoroughly enjoyed the Edinburgh International Film Festival – saw many films, some obscure and some less so, and enjoyed a pitching workshop (terror notwithstanding), then a day off, swiftly followed by the shooting of my graduation short – amazing experience. I hung around a lot and mucked in managing a bit of production design, some running and driving, bit of acting during rehearsals and lots of tea-making but it meant I could really watch the craft side of things and it was fascinating and rather heart-warming to watch professionals at work in each of their departments. Also slightly surreal to see things I made up in my own head over a year ago made into reality. Long days and nights, hard work, but done – can’t wait to see the first cut. I know I’m talking ‘around’ the details but more info when it’s finished.

Now trying to make up my earnings and finish off the last project for graduation – a feature script and essay. Just when I need a break from writing, but needs must.

Been clearing out old files, funny what you find. Must learn to put ideas into notebook for future reference or they get lost in desktop hell. The baby and toddler in this are now about to be 4 and 6 – shows you how old it is! :

“Right here, right now I am sitting waiting in an angled ray of sun listening to the bubble and squeak of sausages trembling in hot fat in the kitchen. My mother is there cooking, making special plates for the family – there is me, and then there will be the visiting carload of brother and wife and toddler and baby. We await them now. The house scented with breakfast and polish. The plum tree empty but the tomato vines still heavy. They will be picked dry and we will have soft unduilating spreading tomatos on plates into which we can dip our bread. That tomato will smear Lauren and she will be pleased. All the mess – admired by the baby. He will be too busy with breast to notice but on chance we will watch his eyes slide towards her, content to let her accomplish. Right here right now I am pushing all thoughts of weekday working and long slog commuting to the back of my mind. I am sniffing snags and feeling stomach grumbles while the wait continues. “


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