Bot out

Ok so I go away for a WHOLE day, and when I return, what do I find? 27 porn-bot comments. May your sexy Japanese ladies give you many painful sores. I’ve lived on trust in this blog up to now. I’ve been free and easy baby, and now your grubby spamming has left me no option but to pre-approve any comments – it’s like you’ve forced me to work for the Man now bot. It’s war.

Shutter Island was entertaining, and some of the visuals and cinematography were rather exquisite – I know it’s obvious (like some bits of the main ‘twist’) but it has huge Hitchcock references, and some glowing Powell & Pressburger moments – check out the rhodedendrons. Di Caprio is definitely growing as an actor.

Also saw Elegy – too much adoration of Penelope Cruz’s (admitted) gorgeousness but rather moving. Best bits are the manly chats between Dennis Hopper and Ben Kingsley – well observed and grown-up. Patricia Clarkson is class as always (she’s also in Shutter Island).


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