Things to look forward to:

Big blue skies and fluffy Turner-esque clouds
daffodils and irises
Kick Ass
not having to wear a coat
and a scarf
and gloves
and a balaclava
and legwarmers
homegrown tomatoes
so many tomatoes
tomato chutney
fried green tomatoes
tomato sauces
clothing that isn’t fleece or waterproof
Mark Lanegan touring
sitting outside and not getting frostbite
writing outside and not getting frostbite
bare feet
Mamas and Papas
warm rain
lots of rain
too damn much rain
picking peas with small people
sunny afternoon naps that don’t mean a thing

If you haven’t seen the film, Let The Right One In, you should – you’ll either love or hate it with a passion. I loved it. It’s very beautiful, odd, emotive and spare.


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