It’s been a busy month so far – scrips and scraps of stuff really.

Am halfway through the BBC Lab – done my Edinburgh stint. Lots of fun and hard work. There’s 8 other writers on it, mainly playwrights and novelists, though we have a stand-up comedian too! We’ve all bonded over coffee and biscuits, met assorted BBC writers and producers, done lots of creative exercises (including me having to act that my neighbour had killed my cat – it wasn’t my finest moment, but it was surprisingly fun), and written a radio play between us. The play will be recorded by actors on the next bit of the Lab in Glasgow – looking forward to that – have never been in a radio recording before. More interesting people to meet and then a wrap party. I’m formulating an idea for a radio play at the moment – I think we get a chance to chat about our ideas before we are cast to the winds – I’m committed to writing the story anyway as it’s stuck itself to my heart.

Short 1 is in the edit now – I think there’s some pick-ups to do, but all seems calm.

Short 2 is in good shape script-wise, and is being shot in January so we can get the team we really want – this is a good decision.

Short 3 (welcome number 3) is being redrafted and seriously cut down to probably 2 minutes (maybe even 1) – I’m aiming for a bit of guerilla-filmmaking with this one – a friend and I are going to make it with camera, some actors, and possibly a cat.

Had an idea for a horror set in Glasgow – am now dying to write it, but making myself NOT DO IT YET. I do not have a lot of patience – delayed gratification isn’t really my thing – but I must prioritise or I’ll end up with half-done things.

Have to get on with my final piece of work for my course – aiming to start that in November – although at this rate I may junk my first draft and go for the horror instead just to see what I come up with, hmmm, undecided.

In the real world, oh how I love my local market – it’s rough and ready with the occasional dodgy bit but all life is there – last week I saw motorbike racing, a cage-fighter, a box of pigs ears and assorted other pig-bits (and believe me they use all the pig), crossbows, and a full set of RAF uniforms. Ate chips while admiring a Royal Enfield – beautiful classic bike.

My phone has been acting a bit oddly, and has now finally died – apologies to anyone who tried to send texts or get in touch, but it’s been behaving very badly. Should be up and running shortly.

I’m closing in on a ‘big’ birthday – I always said I’d get a tattoo when I made it – the chilly light of reality is starting to dawn…


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