Hello to my visitor from Great Neck in the USA – best town name ever.

I’m on the final hurdle of the script for Short 2 (which in shooting terms is now Short 1 but nevermind). Need to settle on a title asap, but for the very first time it’s proving elusive. What helps you find a title when you’re writing? Does it just ‘come’ to you in a flash of inspiration or does whisky help it along?

Casting starts this week – it’s all becoming real – eek and hurrah in equal measure.

I’ve just seen a Spitfire do the loop-de-loop from my window, it’s part of a local airshow. Apparently there’s going to be a Vulcan Bomber too – what’s the betting that it won’t be attempting any fancy schmancy maneouvres, but will just buzz by like an over-heavy giant bluebottle.

On another random point – ever thought you were having a heart attack only to discover an underwire had liberated itself from your bra and was poking you in the chest? No? What never?… uh… me neither (cough).


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