It’s been a while – how the heck are you? Sorry about leaving the lid off the biscuit tin, they’ve all gone a bit soft, and as for the banana I forgot to throw away before the EIFF, well the least said the better!

The EIFF seems like a distant memory now – though I blearily recall seeing Sir Sean Connery doing a little jig to some drummers outside Cineworld, Claire Danes failing to smile AT ALL, Brenda Blethyn being the nicest person in the Universe and the CELEBRITY I MOST WANTED TO HUG (but didn’t), some guy pretending to be a porn actor WHOM I BELIEVED and then had the most excrutiatingly embarrassing conversation with, Sam Mendes winning NICEST BEARD, Roger Corman being fascinating and entertaining, Robin Wright-Penn SWEARING, and some other stuff involving security guards not letting me in until I gave them a review of the film the party was for (I must have THAT kind of face), films, free beer and someone setting a bin on fire – yeehaw. Best one so far – bring on 2010.

In normal life, Short 1 starts shooting in just over 2 weeks (location changes have meant a rewrite but I can do it without exploding or hiding under the bed, yes I can), and Short 2 shoots in around 6 weeks.

Have a couple other little things which are all at very early stages, so will work on them once scripts are locked for the shorts. Have a feature to write too to finish the Uni course – looking forward to that when I get a chance.

2009 has whizzed by like a rat up a drainpipe – wasn’t it just February a second ago?


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