Ear-gate, William H. Macy and Crochet

Blimey it’s been a bit of a month as they say.

After the ear spectacularly exploded, I was left entirely deaf (I only have hearing in 1 ear normally), and it’s been an odd couple of weeks as my eardrum slowly knitted itself back together (I’m not entirely sure ‘knitted’ is correct, I’m not up on what eardrums do to fix themselves – maybe they crochet?). I’ve got a decent amount of hearing back now which is a JOY. I’ve always had a bit of a fear of losing what hearing I have, and then, voila, it came to pass. Once the horrible ear emissions passed (the only advice you’re given is to take painkillers and sleep on a towel so ‘the pus and blood can drain out’ – nice), and then the vertigo and weird dizziness passed, the scariest thing was nightfall – it was positively claustrophobic with all that soundless black. In fact it was so un-nerving that I had to eventually give in and have some form of low light on whilst I slept – the solid black (and I’m usually someone who needs almost total darkness to sleep) was just too much – bit like having a muffler pressed across your face EEK. Shops were impossible too, though Lidl wasn’t too bad as no-one speaks to you there anyway – which I quite like.

Anyway ear on the mend so it seems, there was the start of the final assignments for Uni – I’m on the last one now but it’s been a struggle what with Ear-gate and everything, BUT, and it’s not something I expected – being deaf had its uses – I was so bored, and unable to hear tv or music, couldn’t chat on the phone, or meet friends, or sit in a cafe that all I could do was complain a lot, read and write (btw I’m not saying deaf people don’t do all of those things, but I imagine it takes time to adjust to doing them).

Final hand-in on Monday, and then I need to get on with rewrites of both shorts to be made this summer – one shooting August, one in September. Desperate to get on with these as have lots of ideas, but have made myself stay away until hand-ins are done.

Then it’s a couple days break in June, and a chance to catch-up with earning some money doing something boring but necessary, THEN (tada!) it’s the Edinburgh International Film Festival from mid-June. Really looking forward to this, as have delegate pass so will endeavour to see as much as I possibly can. Highlights look like being Lord Puttnam, Seamus McGarvey, documentary about Jack Cardiff (one of my heroes), Short Filmmakers Toolkit, Directors Lab sessions (which I believe Potdoll is participating in), Bill Forsyth, Diego Luna, Gael Garcia Bernal, Sam Mendes William H. Macy, Ian Hart, and more, more, more! Can’t wait.

If you’re going, let’s have lunch darling!


3 thoughts on “Ear-gate, William H. Macy and Crochet

  1. Oh no, you poor thing. Glad your ear’s on the mend though. It’s so hard to make a comment on this without saying something like, ‘sorry to hear your ear isn’t too good’ or ‘glad to hear you’re getting better’!

    Anyway, glad you’re on the mend, or is it crochet, and looking forward to wine and gossip and lots of good films. I’ll send over my schedule if you’re around. There’s a French dominatrix film on on one of the Saturdays at 11pm or so if ya fancy sharing a box of popcorn and watching some French whip cracking?


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