Infinity and beyond…

You might remember that I mentioned Neil Platt and his blog about his and his family’s experiences with Motor Neurone Disease before. It’s a fascinating, moving, sometimes heart-breaking and rather witty account of someone dealing with MND.

Neil talked about the stuff that a lot of us don’t want to, or can’t… in fact he started his blog to raise awareness of MND and the fight to find a cure. He certainly accomplished that, and then some.

I’ll leave the last word to him (he said it better than I ever could), in a quote I have borrowed from his last ever post on the blog, “the thing about the blog is that it seems to have made many people, previously untouched and unaware of the disease, take stock of their own lives in order to grasp every opportunity that lands in their lap (if there is an opportunity that lands in someone else’s lap then go see if they’ll do you a swap) Just don’t miss any.”

Go on, get that ‘thing’ done, you know the one…. that one you’ve been avoiding, the one you’ve been pretending doesn’t really matter. or can wait a while longer. Maybe it can’t.


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