Space, the final frontier

Did you know that at the moment on a clear night you can see the International Space Station streaking across the sky? I geekily found this really exciting, but doubted I’d manage to spot it, but I just did! If you go here to the Johnson Space Center facility then click on your area, and then on to your nearest city, you’ll get a list of times and positions when it should be visible overhead. You can also use the NASA skywatch for more accuracy.

When you’re spotting, remember it moves across the sky which makes it a little easier to distinguish from a star or planet.

It orbits at an altitude of approximately 350 km (190 nautical miles) above the surface of the Earth and it’s travelling at an average speed of 27,700 kilometres (17,210 m) per hour.

Nothing like being reminded that we’re a spinning planet in space.


4 thoughts on “Space, the final frontier

  1. Not geeky at all… I find this sort of thing rather exciting too. I’m sure I’ve seen it on occasion over time: unless there’s another very bright white object up there that’s sort of square-ish.


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