Time after time

Reflecting today, and looking over what I need to get finished writing-wise over the next few weeks before Santa thuds down the chimney. October was spent pretty-much getting into the jist of my new course at the Screen Academy. I’ve gone from 1 day a week to now 3 days, and whilst I’m loving it, it’s a LOT more work. Sure things will settle in soon though as I get used to the new regime.

We have a budget for the production of a short film as part of the course, so I’m already starting to work out how far it’s going to stretch. We have good quality camera, sound, lighting and post-production equipment available from the Uni, so the budget will stretch that much further. The first draft’s done and seems to be getting there – few issues resolved, a few redrafts, and a bit of work on the beginning, and I think it’s on its way. I have to pitch it to a panel in early December, hopefully with my Producer, to actually get hold of the budget, but hopefully that will be more of a rubber-stamp as long as we’ve done all the preparatory work. The finished short will almost certainly be screened at a showcase next year, so no pressure there then – eek – but it IS exciting! Next step after redraft – confirm Producer, discuss Directors (have a few ideas and had a few approaches), and start scheduling/budget. Work-shopped that script last week, and it got largely positive responses. Learnt one valuable lesson – NEVER wave your hands around too much when discussing a sex scene, you’re just asking for trouble (note to self – sit on hands next time).

Construct an entertaining (!) 10-15 minute pitch for an event in November.

Work up a treatment for a short, possibly for a TV thing involving other writers.

Redraft my drama/thriller feature for an interested party.

Also need to finish and redraft an experimental short horror I’m writing, which is entirely without dialogue. Seems to be working, but need to get through to the end and then start rejigging it about before I have to discuss it critically at my next presentation, again in December.

Have to come up with some ideas for a short placement that will benefit me, to happen in 2009 – thinking of getting some insight into script development/reading/editing – have to allocate some decent time for looking into this.

Need to confirm some interviews I’ve lined up for a case study – I’m hoping to talk to a range of working screenwriters. Have so far had a ‘yes’ from a couple, and need to put aside a block of time to do this properly. Last thing I want to do is waste the time of busy people who are doing me a favour! Anyone out there in blog-land who wouldn’t mind being quizzed about their intimate (screenwriting) details, please let me know.

Plan to put together a short theatre piece around 4 mins for a performance opportunity in December. Need to get that tied up in 2 weeks. Am thinking a 2-hander with minimum props or stage direction.

Need to make a living – ah that old chestnut…..

And of course. Sleep. Eat. That kind of stuff.

My MA class graduate today – I feel a little pang that I’m not there with them – but hopefully next year, it’ll be me getting a terrible photograph taken as I clutch a scroll. Hope you all have a blast! xx


2 thoughts on “Time after time

  1. Sounds like a lot of work, but all very positive. Part of me still wishes I’d done the MFA – maybe one day. Love the idea of the dialogue free experimental horror! x


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