Let’s not get carried away…

Today is my last official day at the Screen Academy on the MA course!

Actually feels rather odd after nearly 4 months out in the wilderness of real life (ok it wasn’t that bad, but you catch my drift). Since I’m also going to be re-matriculating in a week or so as a student for another year, it’s also taken on a rather surreal quality. Some people have already cut the cord, and are not coming along today – fair enough – it’s easier for some to just make the break quickly and cleanly and abandon all that has gone before. I’m all for proper closure though, so I’m going along, anyway it might be the last chance I get to see some of those faces I’ve got to know over the past 2 years (geez 2 years… where did THAT go?).

Perhaps it’s a sign, but the house lights blew last night. End of an era maybe? Or just a power surge? Let’s not get carried away.


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