Virgin has helpfully decided to break my email, so I can’t view or send anything – haven’t been able to since yesterday early evening. Called their ‘helpful’ contact number, and it has an annoyingly chirpy message that basically says it’ll be fixed when it’s fixed. At least I could reason with a human, but a recording gives NO satisfaction whatsoever. I had to go kick something in the garden instead – in between downpours. This rain is relentless, soon we will grow gills and giant fish heads (and potentially prominent bosoms by the looks of that poster) like in ‘The City Under The Sea’ (1965).

*Edited : having withdrawal as the email system is STILL NOT WORKING, so went outside to bash some concrete off a pole (there’s a reason for this but I won’t bore you). I now have gravel in my bra and a slug stuck to the bottom of my flip-flop, thank-you*

PS – It seems to be true, they really are remaking ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ – IS NOTHING SACRED!


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