Scottish Book Trust

The workshop day at The Scottish Book Trust was great! On what must have been one of the hottest days of the year so far, Anne Donovan read excerpts and talked about her favourite short stories, then we split into groups for some mini-workshops. There were basically 4 different ones throughout the day, and everyone could choose 2 of these. I ended up in the BBC Radio Scotland one with a producer where we discussed different sorts of radio drama and ways of writing for different shows. We then heard a short play that had been broadcast read by Gary Lewis. The cd went a bit mental and wouldn’t play the end, so the lovely producer took down all our names and promised to mail us out a copy – and she did… it came this morning – now THAT is dedication.

The other workshop I did was taken by Canongate. This was less directly relative to me, but proved hugely interesting – did you know that in the majority of book-shops, the advertised ‘No.1 book’ or ‘top book of the week’ stands that are always in prime position are NOT there because they’re best sellers…. (unless it says so on the display).. but just because they’ve paid a premium to be displayed there! I don’t consider myself naive when it comes to such things but this one actually surprised me. Who’d have thought it!

Splendid selection of cakes too… no scabby little shortbreads in plastic wrappers here thank-you very much. We also had a book swap where you could bring an unwanted title and take away something more interesting.

Lasted 4 hours, and at the end, we were all given goody bags with 4 books – a couple by Anne Donovan, and some by Canongate. A lovely day – I urge you all (especially if you’re in Scotland) to go along to any of the Scottish Book Trust events – it’s a brilliant organisation.


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