The Red Shoes

The Red Shoes was on tv yesterday – I never get tired of watching that film – sublime.

Other news : still not entirely convinced this is real yet…. maybe if I type it, it’ll disappear in a puff of smoke and I will know it was only a (Red Shoes-type) dream…. I’m going to be a student for another year as I’ve been accepted on to an Advanced Film Practice course. It wasn’t the qualification that attracted me, I’m not big on getting ‘letters after my name’, but the chance of a final year of support while I concentrate on and develop my writing.

I did the MA part-time, but this is going to be full-time for a year (initially 3 days a week so I’ll be able to fit in some earning time too though it’s going to be tight). Can’t say I’m not a little nervous about the commitment, but it feels scary enough that I know it’s probably a good step for me to take at this point. The easier option would’ve been for me to graduate with the MA but it feels like time to step up to a new challenge. If you’d have asked me a year ago where I’d be in 2009, my last answer would’ve been ‘in education’. In fact I’d have probably laughed in your face. Yikes. Time will prove whether it’s a good decision, but it’s an experience I’m looking forward to.

That’ll be me writing a Western then…. maybe.


2 thoughts on “The Red Shoes

  1. Anything by Powell and Pressburger gets my vote – A Matter of Life and Death is my favourite film of all time, closely followed by Colonel Blimp. Even Peeping Tom is fantastic.Good luck with the MFA! I did my MA a few years back, but decided that, after seven years at art college, it was time to go and do something else!


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