EIFF update

Too knackered to report much on today but you MUST go to see Terence Davies’ ‘Of Time and the City’ – it’s beautiful and poetic and I shed a tear even though the man beside me smelled of chips, threw a delegate pass at me (unintentionally), fiddled EXTENSIVELY with his mobile (with the LIGHT ON the whole time throughout the film) and then fell asleep on my shoulder. Thank you.

Tomorrow I am mostly having some lovely soup, then a writers event at 1pm, then some Horror discussion later, and a Happy Hour fiesta at the delegate centre. I will also be checking out the pigeon-holes to see if anyone has offered me anything free, and generally swishing about.

If I can, I’m also snaffling a ticket for this : ‘Pageant’ – With charm and endearing exuberance, Pageant follows five male contestants competing in the Miss Gay America female impersonation contest. From choosing sparkly outfits to rehearsing amazingly complex dance routines (and one strange ventriloquist’s dummy act), the film offers an intriguing insight into the lives of the participants. With no surgical enhancements below the neck permitted, these men are truly dedicated to the art of illusion.

May no-one fall asleep on your shoulder.

Pssst – nothing (except a delegate pass) has fallen on me from the sky yet… only 3 days to go until the curse is lifted.


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