And they’re off…… EIFF

Brief and to the point as I’m expending ALL energy (ok not all – some is kept aside for breathing and laughing, but just a tiny bit) on the EIFF (or Edinburgh International Film Festival to give it its full title) which started officially today.

Picked up my delegate pass (which to my delight is for a longer period than I expected hurrah and ssssh in case it’s a mistake), and saw ‘Edge of Love’ – I swear Matthew Rhys is channeling Richard Burton, in a GOOD way. Have to return tomorrow for the full cotton BAG full of delights that has schedules and stuff (and a free pen – don’t get excited, ok don’t get excited, its JUST a free pen… free pen ooh!). Last year there was a free pin badge – it’s free – therefore it’s exciting.

Tomorrow’s itinerary :

pick up free and important stuff, and obviously look professional while doing so;

have bacon and egg roll and tea – this festival jaunt constitutes my holiday this year so therefore I am entitled to the odd inappropriate snack – you wait till I’m 4 days in, if last year is anything to go by, I’ll be mainlining anything with E numbers;

see films – Patti Smith : Dream of Life, Stone of Destiny, Of Time and the City, and then Scottish Screen’s Happy Hour;

plan the next day, go home, do some work to pay for all the inappropriate snacks, return;


See you there!


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