Whistle while you work

I haven’t been blogging much because I’ve been working like a mad woman. 90 minute first draft of a feature script just handed in for 1 assignment, and am in the throes of putting together a Research Dossier now for another project, now I’m nearing the end of my MA course. Just 2 official classes to go now, and that along with some mentoring meetings and the odd get-together at the Screen Academy over the summer will, as they say, be that – eek!

My final assignment is a feature script from scratch over the summer. I’m actually desperate to start this as I have my idea and it’s already buzzing away in my brain BUT I have vowed nothing will be written till I get the Research thingummy done. It’s been the most time-consuming and the most ‘awkward’ of the assignments, but is oddly satisfying as there’s just no way round actually doing the graft – you just have to do it. I’ve been researching goldsmiths and alchemists in 15th century Italy, and the research has taken me along many more avenues than I expected. The script that the research is for, will take MUCH longer than the summer to write though, as it needs even more research so it’ll have to go in a drawer for now until I have more time.

The feature for the summer is a comedy on the bawdy side, and set in Scotland. Had a meeting with tutors about it, and along with lots of puns regarding the subject matter (which I’m not discussing as for once, I’m being cautious), got some useful suggestions so should be able to start that in around 3 weeks.

I’m estimating that I might be able to knit a dalek by Christmas 2008, you see if I don’t!


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