To brad or not to brad…..

I try try try TRY not to be negative, but this series of ‘Doctor Who’ is starting to bore me. I’m not laying the blame anywhere – maybe it’s just not my cup of tea at the moment, but is it just me?

On another note, what IS the most acceptable way to hold a feature script together in the UK? I’m aware of some of the conventions, including the US one where you punch 3 but only brad 2, and then use smart little washers to prevent desk-scrapeage, but what’s the standard here? Though there’s zillions of pronouncements about the standard font, spacing and formatting, there’s a sort of vagueness about the punching and presenting.

Of course it goes without saying that I’ll make sure my scripts have floral card covers with my birth-sign on them, a florid font in pink, and an accompanying cd with ‘Mood songs’ in a special little sleeve beside it, but should I include a photograph of me in a prom dress, and a sample of the cloth that the lead character’s hat is to be made of?


4 thoughts on “To brad or not to brad…..

  1. It’s vague here because no one cares EXCEPT NEVER USE FRIGGING BUTTERFLY PINS. They cut readers’ fingers, make them want to kill you, take over thw world to ensure it doesn’t happen again and also, obviously give you a bad review ; )Treasury tags are best I think. £1.09 from WH Smith. If you can get hold of em, Acca fasteners are good too though they’re expensive.


  2. Cheers Lucy – I never got on with treasury tags but they HAVE to be better than the sharp little pin things!


  3. People receiving scripts in the UK don’t seem to particularly care.Having said that – all of the agencies and prodcos that I’ve seen scripts from use < HREF="" REL="nofollow">Acco Twinlock<> fasteners. So that’s what I use.


  4. Thanks Piers – I like that the UK doesn’t seem to be quite so fascist about the brad-ing. Order going in right now for some Acco Twinlocks!


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