I Love Shortlists

Stand back – I’ve not been rejected!

A white envelope just plopped through my door saying I’ve been shortlisted in The Scotsman and National Library of Scotland Short Story Competition, ‘Criminally Good Writing’, next stage – a masterclass with Ian Rankin.

Feel free to do a little dance with me – as writers, whatever discipline we’re from or in, we get enough rejection slips, and plenty ‘oh its not for us’ comments so any success (however small) should be SHOUTED!

I’m off to play football with a 3 year old and eat something bad for me in celebration. Enjoy the sun, by all accounts it’s supposed to be arctic by Easter – ooh that could almost be a metaphor for life…..


4 thoughts on “I Love Shortlists

  1. cheers lovely people – I’m still in shock. Been to a few Screenwriting workshops but never any other sort of writing thing – will they wear cravats?


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