New comedy series on BBC2 called ‘Empty’ with Gregor Fisher and Billy Boyd – caught 2 episodes of it, and (shocker) I liked it!

It’s ostensibly about 2 blokes, one older and one younger played by Gregor Fisher and Billy Boyd. They work for a property maintenance company in Glasgow, clearing out empty or damaged flats and making simple repairs. Despite being very different characters, the two of them have found an odd sort of friendship and have ‘hit it off’. Each week they’re in a different flat, dealing with different characters and the worlds they inhabit.

Now, I’m not 100% into it, but then very few things on tv absorb me 100%, and sometimes it feels a bit stagey, but I’m forgiving it that as it has some stonking dialogue, well-observed quirky characters, and a good warm sense of an unusual friendship that you wouldn’t expect. I’ve only seen a couple episodes, but set to watch the rest of the series.

Other reviews I’ve read have been mixed, but most seem to be saying that ‘the jury is still out’ which I take to be a positive sign as that usually implies, something’s going right but the reviewer’s not sure what it is.

It has an unusual feel, I think it might just settle down nicely, but a couple more episodes will either prove or disprove that.


3 thoughts on “Empty

  1. Charl – give it another go, episodes have settled down a bit and the relationship is more relaxed. Have just posted about the class!Rob – absolutely – nice to see a well-observed relationship between 2 guys!


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