White rabbits, white rabbits, white rabbits

.. as my Mum always says on the 1st March for good luck. It seems to have worked as I got a bit of good news today, ‘m through to the next round of The List/Metro Ecosse Minute Wonder script competition. The next stage is to attend a 2-day workshop with Adrian Mead to work on and then re-draft our scripts. As far as I know, they then get whittled down to 9, and then 3 are chosen to be made. It’s been a tough couple of months so it’s nice to have something to be chuffed about.

On another note, MeadKerr are running one of their useful and much-talked about courses. Here’s the blurb :

The film and TV industry is currently going through an adaptation frenzy, “A reasonable estimate is that adaptations make up around 80% of the projects currently being made.” Industry publication Screen International

British animator Suzie Templeton has just won the Oscar with her short animation “Peter And The Wolf”. So, what makes a Russian folk tale such a great choice for an adaptation?

1. It’s a potential mini Adventure movie, boy versus wolf!

2. The short tale allows plenty of scope for expanding on the characters, theme and drama of the original.

3. Prokofiev’s much loved score immediately ensures a level of public recognition.

The end result is a beautiful piece of work. With an Oscar win to help publicise it Suzie Templeton’s film is now guaranteed to become a favourite of kids, parents and music teachers worldwide.

So what other folk tales, fables or ancient stories are there that you could adapt, update or re-imagine? Of course there is always Shakespeare’s plays and the Greek classics, but what about biogs, trues stories and events, blogs and news articles. Why not draw on the inspiration and imagination of some of the greatest minds and lives in history? That’s exactly what professional writers do every day.

Over two days of lectures, case studies and interviews we will demystify the ART AND BUSINESS OF ADAPTATION. This unique class will answer all your questions and show you how to access an endless source of rich and exciting material.

Our classes receive glowing testimonials. Go to web page at http://www.meadkerr.com and see what previous attendees have said.

DATE: Sat 15 – Sun 16th March
COST: £120 incl VAT and Lunch

BOOKING DETAILS: To request a booking form or further info, email info@meadkerr.com or check out http://www.meadkerr.com


3 thoughts on “White rabbits, white rabbits, white rabbits

  1. Congratulations!I was one of the finalists last year, its a great competition and you get to meet some fantastic people.I’ll be at the meadkerr course (adaptation one)so see you there.And good luck with the restof the comp.


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