I’ve been having a look back at my 2007 resolutions to see what I was hoping a year ago. Here’s what they were :

* to watch more films – definitely achieved as I worked my Lovefilm gift voucher to death, and have been continuing the trend;

* to be more proactive about my writing work and strive for at least one project to begin a development/prod. journey in 2007 – definitely been more proactive – attended the Edinburgh International Film Festival as a delegate for the first time, and MADE myself network which was a nightmare at first but actually quite fun – learnt a LOT and met loads of interesting people; entered more competitions which led me to getting through the 2nd round of BSSC, having my micro-short script filmed for the YSL/SHOWstudio fashion project, and being given a place on the Scottish Book Trust’s Screenwriting Lab helmed by Adrian Mead; also started workshopping more which has been a revelation and have a few things with a couple of Producers at the moment so fingers crossed;

* to continue my MA ScreenW. course and practically apply what I learn to my own work rather than get mired in theory – into my last year so managed that even though it’s been a struggle financially and time-wise, it’s proving to be a definitely worthwhile choice. Less mired in theory since the Summer as I’m getting braver with my work and no longer trying to write what I think they want to read – I’m writing what I want to write, and what I think I need to write (about bleedin’ time too);

* to continue developing my vintage business – I use Ebay too but the website is my baby and needs work – well this one has fallen by the wayside, but if something had to then I’m glad this was it. Ticking along but hasn’t really been updated as I hoped. Sold a dress for a recent Daniel Craig film though and have made a few interesting contacts so not a total washout, and sales are good through my Ebay end of things;

* to plan a roadtrip (last one was Edinburgh to Brighton in a Fiat where I met Ali Smith – RIP little gold Fiat) – alas no serious road trip last year as instead of a holiday, I bought a Delegate pass for the aforementioned EIFF and it was well worth it. Hopefully this year I’ll manage a driving adventure;

* to be happy, healthy and (cliche I know but doesn’t harm to say it loud) to remember there’s always someone worse off than you – this one has been a funny one. Just about every celebration whether it’s a birthday or Christmas or even an odd festival day like Easter (regardless of religion) seems to gain more significance when you’ve lost a parent (or significant other). 2007 was my year for starting to accept that regardless of that big loss, life does indeed go on.

Live your life with as much joy as you can – it’s my one and only personal resolution for 2008.

Regardless of professional or personal achievements or disappointments – when you hit a high point, remember to take the time to revel in it – I wish you (and me) a spectacular 2008 (and lots of cake, good cake though, not that weird black stuff with the dried-up raisins in it).


6 thoughts on “Resolutions

  1. Hi there MJ!Here’s to the high points and revelling in them! I have some dancing prisoners bringing a bit of fun into life over on my blog.Loved your TV pilot cast on your previous blog, the Doris Day baker sounds intriguing…Regards, Sheikspear


  2. Belated Happy New Year!Sorry to make an off-topic comment but if you are still keen on the adaptation group then have a look at my blog – have drawn up a shortlist. To vote just leave a comment stating your favourite. Ta!


  3. A <><>very<><> belated Happy New Year…I’m still busy trying to catch up all these blogs that I’ve been missing since Christmas… it’s not easy or quick!<>“Just about every celebration whether it’s a birthday or Christmas or even an odd festival day like Easter seems to gain more significance when you’ve lost a parent.”<>I still know that feeling so well. And don’t you find yourself regretting all those times that you didn’t make the most of while there was the chance? My Mum was ill so long and coped so well that we all forgot she was never going to survive until it got to the last 6 months or so. Then it was too late. I realised only this morning that in 6 days time it would have been her birthday.Apologies for possibly getting a bit too confessional there: I seem to have been gripped by melancholy today. Must be the time of year.


  4. Happy New Year! I like confessional, it’s what blogs are about really. Parents are indestructible right up until that second when someone of knowledge (usually a doctor) tells you they’re not – that second is one of, if not the hardest thing a child ever has to learn in my opinion. Anyway, did you know that statistically today is the MOST depressing day of the year. I kid you not (sob). So, we can legitimately eat 4 mars bars (insert favourite comfort food here) and cry at Cranford if we want.


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