Screenwriting Lab Adrian Mead

The fact that I’m typing this now is sure to jinx it, but what the hell! I got a place on the Scottish Book Trusts’ Screenwriting Lab mid-November run by Adrian Mead – hurrah!

Three days of screenwriting, as we develop our 1 to 3 minute films written on the theme of ‘Choices’ and glean important screenwritery things, sounds like heaven compared to my current workload.

Assuming the sky doesn’t fall on my head or I get lost in an underpass, I’ll be there.

They even serve coffee beforehand – how civilised.

I’m packing a blue plastic tube just in case there’s an unexpected livestock incident. You laugh now, but you’ll be laughing on the other side OF YOUR FACE when IT happens, oh yes.


3 thoughts on “Screenwriting Lab Adrian Mead

  1. The least popular of the four horsemen of the apocalypse were simply biding their time. They crawled inside my Gran’s cooker, gnawed at a pipe and nearly blew the whole place up….. but then, for reasons known mainly to themselves, didn’t…. so all’s well.


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