Meme – ories

I’ve been tagged by Jon with a ‘five things about myself that other people may consider lame, but this writer is secretly proud of’ meme. Of course I’m REALLY supposed to be writing some Hospital Drama but no, this is MUCH more important.

I’m not very good at guessing what’s cool or lamely uncool so here are 5 things you might not know about me, categorise them as you will! :

1) I once got cornered by an angry bull, and was rescued by a farmer waving one of those plastic tubes that make a ‘whheeeeee’ noise when you swing them around your head. His was blue, which may or may not have been a factor in the successful rescue;

2) I recently sold a vintage dress for use in a Daniel Craig film;

3) I used to write for a Heavy Metal (they really did used to call it that) magazine, and was asked by security backstage at one of my first gigs if I was a ‘proper journalist or just a groupie’ – I’m guessing this was not because I looked particularly alluring, but because 9 out of 10 of the other gig-goers were greasy boys with beer-mats stitched to their jeans (what WAS that about?);

4) I found a piece of bone on my local beach which turned out to be human;

5) I don’t own an ipod, and can’t really see why I would (I do want an iphone though, just.. because);

Those are staggeringly boring. I apologise. By next year, I will have lots of illegal drugs stories, and some recollections of debauchery unplugged. When I can think of anyone to tag, I’ll return…..

Currently brain dead….. just put my entry into GMAC shortcuts and my photocopying bill reached 78 copies… AND they wanted a CD… why not add in a three-course meal and maybe some jewellery for next year?


4 thoughts on “Meme – ories

  1. “I used to write for a Heavy Metal (they really did used to call it that) magazine.”Was it the magazine or the music so-called? Do they no longer call the music Heavy Metal? Have I been out of that particular loop for so long!Have to remember to quizz about debauchery in the new year! 😉


  2. The bone one does lean towards the scary actually. (How did I not notice?) How did you find out it was human (unless it was a skull which would have been a bit of a give away)?


  3. Hi Jon and Laura, it was part of a skull, and was initially identified by a teacher. The Police did the confirmation – and apparently if it’s over 100 years old, they don’t investigate. I also found a vertebra, but that’s another story.


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