And then…

… and then stuff happened. Ain’t that always the way.

Went to a networking thing at Edinburgh College of Art last week to meet new Screen Academy students, and to hear about this fab new site being set up to allow all the UK Screen Academies to network. It’s called ‘Rawstock’ and looks to be a useful tool, but of course I do have a small grumble (as did all the writers there) – they’ve got space for uploading films but NO space for uploading scripts or works-in-progress. Though they did promise that will be added, after we made some disapproving noises. Bit cheeky though don’t you think? Back to that ole chestnut regarding whether writers get proper recognition. It reminded me of a post on Robin Kelly’s blog which mentions how the writer of the recent release, ‘Control’ gets his credit so far down the list that most people will have left the cinema before it appears. It’s annoying and a bit weird. Can you imagine Damien Hirst getting his mention at the very end of a catalogue? Anyway it’s a debate that’s been raging since time began…

Friday, was back at Uni for the start of the year. Full of excitement, though this was somewhat blunted by the fact we had to watch a Bresson film, ‘L’Argent’. Didn’t mind the first half, as it was interesting stylistically, but my god, by the second half, I was failing. Whether it was luck or subconscious planning on my part, the film over-ran our lunch-break, and unfortunately I had to run out to shove more cash into my parking meter. Missed the end. I’ve read the Tolstoy original ‘Forged Coupon’, and it doesn’t look like I missed anything spectacular. Interesting module though – ‘From Script to Screen’, I’m actually looking forward to getting my teeth into something quite academic.

Afternoon sessions will be another Script Workshop. I’m also looking forward to this as we only got one writing module in the whole of last year. Probably going to develop a 30min script here though there are some options. Have to take 20 ideas in for next week.


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