Things to do :

Entry for Red Planet prize – have got my idea and an outline, but I just can’t decide whether I should work this one up or go for another sudden idea I had that suits TV better hmmm. Tonight is my deadline for deciding;

Job application for an online Gaming organisation – the cv is straightforward, but they also want details of how the organisation can move forward in the future. I want to nail this one, which of course means I’m procrastinating like mad, and not actually doing it – self imposed deadline for that is tomorrow;

Plan for what I’m going to see at EIFF. Won’t be a huge amount, but aiming to just get a feel for the event in preparation for a full-on assault next August;

Finish writing up a short story that features snow, Norway and a family feud – have no idea where this one is going, but have a feeling that it may get worked up into a 30 min drama eventually;

Saw up 3 trees I helped take out of a garden at the weekend. I’m rubbish at sawing so why did I agree to this? I still have nettle rash and numerous rose wounds to tend – it’s a form of procrastination probably – next week I’m scaling the Forth Road Bridge and cleaning out my fridge (again) just to avoid printing out a final draft.

On another note – BBC2 are showing one of my most favourite films of all time this morning ‘Odd Man Out‘ starring James Mason. You should watch it. It’s B&W but don’t let that put you off. It’s stupendous, beautiful and tragic. Trust me. (Incidentally if you’ve ever seen the seminal ‘Oliver Twist’ from 1948 with Alec Guinness as Fagin, then the scariest Bill Sikes EVER was played in that by Robert Newton, who is also great in ‘Odd Man Out’ – never has a man played bullish and threatening quite so well).


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