SHOWstudio & Yves Saint Laurent

She’s in fashion…… Feeling a bit chuffed today! Heard about an unusual opportunity a while ago on The Script Factory at SHOWstudio :

“A unique chance for SHOWstudio viewers to influence the narrative of a high-end fashion shoot to create a catalogue and film for Yves Saint Laurent’s forthcoming ‘Edition 24’ collection. SHOWstudio is inviting submissions for a twenty-four-scene screenplay that will form the basis of a twenty-four hour, live fashion broadcast, over the night of 15 July, during which Nick Knight and Stefano Pilati will transform your ideas into imagery. The names of those authors selected will be credited in the final film to screen on SHOWstudio and!”

Went and had a look (I mean it’s NICK KNIGHT, a photographer I really admire!), got inspired by one of the many scene titles, and wrote a quick scene outline, and sent it in. Didn’t hear anything, but was sent the link to view the 24 hr shoot broadcast live from the studio. Not what you’d automatically think was going to be great viewing, but the bits I’ve seen have been rather fascinating. It will be broadcast live until 12 noon on the 16th July so have a look – it’s glamorous whilst at the same time resembling a finely honed military machine. Brazilian art rockers, CSS, will also be performing live on the set around 10pm tonight.

I heard today that my idea is being used (and I will get a credit). My little scene will apparently be shot tomorrow (16th). I’m pretending to be blase, but actually I’m excited, as I’ll be able to remotely watch as it’s filmed. If you want to see a top model acting out some surreal fashion stuff for Yves St. Laurent over the next 16 hours, clicky hereeeeeeeee.


3 thoughts on “SHOWstudio & Yves Saint Laurent

  1. Cheers Lianne, I got up early just to watch it! Very slick, good fun, and it felt a bit Sarah Jessica Parker.


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