The Elizabeth Taylor Man

woo I’m late but on a roll (sort of anyway). Another idea cobbled together for the pitch-off. Read more here.



GENRE : Black Comedy

PITCH : It’s a hard lesson but we all have to learn it – never judge a book by its cover, even if it happens to be wearing full-length satin and a pair of Cleopatra earrings.

SYNOPSIS : Francis is tired of his form. He’s sick of stuffing his maleness into clothes that don’t fit, and of the cold dark place where his heart used to be. Francis dreams of beginning a new life, but if he’s ever to succeed, then he must have expensive surgery – because Francis wants to be a woman.

Not just any woman though – he wants to be Elizabeth Taylor in her heyday. He wants to be a 100 watt star.

He plans (with the aid of a love-struck Security Guard called Louie) to pilfer the city museum of a few measly treasures to fund his surgery. But, Francis’ journey to turn his fantasy self into reality, leads him into trouble with the criminal underworld, Madame Fifi, blackmail, rouge, and true love that burns like a fiery scar across the heart.

Ultimately he discovers that real life only changes when you alter more than just your appearance.


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