buzzards and breasts

On a definite (mini) roll :

have sent 2 pitches to Lucy’s pitching extravaganza detailed in the last 2 posts;

entered the ‘Royal Tapes’ competition with an odd little thing I suddenly thought of a few days before submission date;

sold a couple of those gorgeous vintage dresses I found here, which makes my financial situation this month a tad brighter;

happened across a Supermarket dvd clearout (hands up who doesn’t like a bargain!) – ‘Whats Eating Gilbert Grape’, ‘Charlie & the Chocolate Factory’ (the Depp one), and ‘Se7en’ for 2 quid each!;

have got over the vicarious thrill of life in Second Life, but have discovered that even as you’re touring an art exhibition or standing about looking at the view (and you happen to have breasts), lots of strange men will stop and straight out ask you for a shag (without even saying ‘hello’ or ‘bonjour’ as there seem to be a lot of frenchmen about), and in fact, some will even offer money and other inducements (‘free clothes honey just click here’) – things never change – even when we’re eating pills instead of food and wearing tinfoil clothes while we fly to the moon, it’ll still be the same;

saw a buzzard up close sitting on a fence post looking magnificent (they have little feather trousers)…. didn’t think it was quite so magnificent later when I read an article about a jogger getting his scalp lacerated by said bird (see pic above for the gore caused), and for the full story click this. honey ja ja.


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