Got my marks back today for the Interactive Module which included that nerve-wracking presentation from last month. Scored a Distinction so am well chuffed as wasn’t sure if I had got the aim of the module totally wrong.

This joy was tempered somewhat by the fact that I’m STILL waiting for my marks from the Short Script module – we didn’t get marks for our premise/outline for this submitted wayyyy back in March, and certainly haven’t had any for the actual script – wonder if we’ll have them by the time we get back to year 2? I’m not so much bothered by the actual marks I get, but it’s a good way of figuring out how well or badly I’m doing, so it galls when (in the short script module) we complete the entire 15 weeks without much indication of how we’re doing. Anyway I bitched about this at length previously so I’m not going to do it again (well not yet anyway).

I lack confidence in my work, and also my progress through this course, so delayed marking just gives me the heeby-jeebies. Even if it turns out to be not a great mark, I’d much rather know that sooner than later.

I’m mostly listening to Amy Winehouse’s ‘Back to Black’ and it is gorgeous. Maybe it’s just me, but on a couple tracks she sounds like Randy Crawford. Who knew that a girl with a beehive and sailor tattoos could sound so soulful.


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