Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize

On another note, DID YOU KNOW THAT IN SECOND LIFE YOU CAN PURCHASE WORKING GENTIALIA? I cannot believe that in all the material I read about this place that I never once read anything about this. Of course, in realistic terms, it’s not really ‘working real’ genitalia – if it was, you’d be able to pee or have periods, ooh or catch an STD or other real life basic functions, no, of course in Second Life, it’s all about sex – and mainly sex from a male point of view (not exclusively but certainly the majority as far as I can tell). Has anyone ever given birth in SL, caught their realistic genitalia in a zip a la ‘Something About Mary’ or had to go to their animated pharmacy for some anti-constipation pills? I doubt it – but then I bet someone, somewhere is secretly and obsessively making those an animated reality for a select few.


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