Adrian Mead ra ra ra

Adrian Mead tomorrow! Adrian Mead tomorrow! My first Mead seminar so I’m dead excited – I’ll probably be a little less so after I’ve attempted some driving in the centre of Edinburgh but I’ll get there, you see if I don’t… even if I have to park illegally oh yes!


4 thoughts on “Adrian Mead ra ra ra

  1. Parking illegally?? Outrageous. I’ll see what Adrian has to say about THAT, I’ll make sure he bars you! ; )


  2. I will see you there tomorrow! Luckily I live about 5 mins away from the place, so I’ll be alright getting there. I think.There are about 6 of us from the Screen Academy going as far as I know. I’m excited about it too!


  3. So, did you get arrested ‘cos I didn’t see you there!? Or did i and I was too frazzled to make the connection on whom you were? Let me know!


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