I’m posting this feeling a little queasy after watching ‘Whistleblower’ on BBC1 tonight. It exposed dodgy food practices in supermarkets, specifically Sainsburys and Tescos and was frankly, horrific. I don’t get easily affected by progs such as this usually, but after this one, ugh, I won’t be buying ANYTHING from any of the ‘fresh’ counters at any supermarket (except fruit and veg). I will also be buying carefully from other areas after watching the abuse of food standards and lax hygiene practices depicted.

It’s strange and naive I suppose, but I’ve worked in kitchens and as a waitress in the past so know fine well what goes on behind the scenes in the service industry, but somehow I’d never considered what goes on behind the scenes in supermarkets. For some odd reason, I always assumed they were ‘safe’, trustworthy places who at least while they fleeced your pockets, were washing their filleting knifes and not using the fish scissors to trim their own nails in between servings. Apparently not, and as for the secret filming inside a company who supplies ‘ready’ meals to the big supermarkets – the least said the better – horrific, disgusting and illegal.

Can’t wait to see the comments in the media tomorrow. I’m betting profits will show some drop – at least they should.


2 thoughts on “Whistleblower

  1. YUCK!That’s horrible. Reassuring that the fruit and veggies seem ok – I shop in Sainsbury’s all the time but as I don’t go anywhere near the deli’s I should be fine!


  2. I’m soooooooooo fussy about where I buy fresh food from. I rarely, if ever, buy fresh meat from a supermarket (other than M and S coz I use to work there), I tend to go for meat from a good butchers.


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