Brokeback Mountain

I’m probably one of the few people who hasn’t seen this, but I put that to rights after I got my Uni assignments finished. Wasn’t expecting to love it – probably because there was so much hype – but it was a glorious film. Can’t really see what the moral majority were complaining about either, as it showed the tough, difficult side of love as well as the passion and emotion of it. Heath Ledger was a bit of a revelation really – probably the best portayal that I’ve seen of a man so repressed that he can barely admit to himself how he feels nevermind show another human being – and when he finally does come out of his cocoon through his developing friendship with Jake Gyllenhal’s character, it was realised perfectly. So were the destructive ructions in each of those character’s family lives – Michelle Williams was heart-breaking as a betrayed wife. Tragic ending too (sniff) but the perfect length.

On another note, fantastic soundtrack and incredible landscape.


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