Mission accomplished

Done done done! Finallyyyyyyyy, Interactive presentation done and full concept submitted, and 10 minute short and module critique submitted too phewww.

In all, we had 5 hours of presentations (with some students still to do theirs) – so something of a long morning, but it was interesting to see how different everyone’s game concepts were – there genuinely were no two alike, and that’s sort of heartening – everything from monkeys to celtic romans, rats, torturers, ghostly investigators, killer rugby players, fighter pilots in space, to film noir detectives, and my own futuristic female soldier.

I think that’s basically us for the Summer now. We have some projects to do over the 4 months, and we also plan on meeting up regularly to do some workshopping (part-timers so far, as the full-timers will be deep into their final assignment).

Roll on the summer!


3 thoughts on “Mission accomplished

  1. Congratulations on surviving year one. If you want anything to happen over the summer, trust me, you’ll have to organise it yourself.I suggest you earn as much money as you can during the next 19 weeks, as you’ll need it for year two. And prepare to work your socks off in trimester two!


  2. Cheers David! Can’t say I’m looking forward to the more academic modules, especially the research one, but roll on Year 2. Congrats yourself on getting through!


  3. We full-timers are planning on meeting up over the summer as well, so hopefully we’ll all still be hanging around the screen academy on thursdays!It’s a bit strange that you don’t have anything to do for the next 3 months. If I was you I’d get some film theory books from the library to prepare for the Script to Screen class in October. I wish I had!


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