Daniel Craig wears my dress

Okay he doesn’t really (though if he did I’m sure he’d still look fabulous darrrrrling), no, but I have some other tenuous yet exciting film news to report. With my vintage hat on recently, I sold this rather gorgeous vintage 70s black crepe and chiffon dress to a contact in London. Just found out that it’s been purchased for the film ‘Flashbacks of a Fool’ starring Daniel Craig which will be shooting soon. Who knows if it will end up in the final version but hey, it’s nice to have a bit of reflected glamour. Am on the lookout for some items for the same contact, but can’t put much energy into it at the moment as am also currently deep in MA ‘Assignment hell’ (they’re all due in next week). Once that’s over though, all hands to the 70s pumps!


2 thoughts on “Daniel Craig wears my dress

  1. Cheers David, I’m thinking high-heels and a jaunty hat to complete the look. Next up – George Clooney in hotpants.


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