Bourne Ultimatum shoots in Edinburgh

oooh isn’t is kind of thrilling when you get a bit of film gossip (this is where 15 people email me to tell me that everyone already knows but don’t be raining on my parade, man).

Last night they were setting up tracks and official film things outside the Caledonian Hotel in Edinburgh. Someone who knows someone who works with someone, knows a stunt man who’s working on the mystery film and confirmed that apparently they’re shooting material for ‘The Bourne Ultimatum’ – the 3rd one in the series. A spectacular car crash is due on Thursday night but I don’t have any other details as yet. Makes me feel a bit like a stupid fan-girl but I might go down and see what I can see.

Ken Stott was also spotted in a bar near the scene but then maybe he was just out having a wee drink…. but maybe not…

I just hope it doesn’t turn out to be an episode of ‘Eastenders’ or I’ll be mortally ashamed.


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