Following on from the last post, I turned up for Uni hoping a few keen bods would also appear so we could salvage the day – and in fact another 8 students did! After a quick coffee, we decamped to the Screen Academy in the hope that we could use the room that had allegedly been booked for a speaker (who, again allegedly, had cancelled at the last minute). Now I’d hate to be thought of as cynical, but if this planned speaker had indeed existed and had then cancelled at the last minute, surely the room he was supposed to speak in would be empty… but no, what dya know, we all cheerily massed through the doors to be met with a rather frosty response, as apparently there were some important funding people in (and they must have been REALLY important because all the tutors were wearing suits) – NOT a last-minute delegation either (I can feel my cynic muscle twitching again). But, we asked, how about the empty room that our class should have been in? Pfffft, of course the room was being used. We stood our ground though and were eventually allowed to hold our class in the reception area – not ideal but there were seats and tables so perfectly sufficient. AND, surely if funding bodies were checking the Academy out, they should be pleased to see enthusiastic students workshopping scripts amongst themselves in lieu of a tutored class (even if it was in reception).

Actually the atmosphere did melt a little, as soon we were getting supplied with the unused croissants from the ‘important delegation’ meeting – so not all bad. I felt a bit militant yet satisfied when I came away at lunchtime. Power to the People! and all that…

On another note, our little group of hardy part-timers have been talking about arranging a schedule of meet-ups over the 4 month summer break so we can continue to workshop and feedback on each others scripts. There’s a possibility that a room might be free at Napier, so fingers crossed as that would be ideal!


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